Support Your Local Library! A Gothic Pub Rock Opera

from Black Liver

Written and performed by satirical musical duo, Black Liver, 'Support Your Local Library! A Gothic Pub Rock Opera' takes you on a twisted musical journey to the nouveau riche town of Little Hope and its image obssessed occupants. And how the arrival of the new librarian disturbs the lives of the townsfolk; inspiring the youth but offending the town's ruling elite. And so they plot his demise.

Using songs, stories and (a bit of) poetry, Black Liver have created a laugh out loud musical satire about love, literacy, class and how we all worry about looking like a prat to others.

'Iconic' - The Forgotten Arts Festival

'You will be glad to see this show' - Mark Armstrong, Writebase

Sun 10th July, 7pm

Tue 12th July, 5.30pm

Sun 17th July, 8.30pm

Run time: 55 minutes