from Something Wicked Theatre Company

Man is the only creature who refuses to be what he is.” (Albert Camus)

Inspired by the writing of Franz Kafka, author of ‘The Trial’ and ‘Metamorphosis’, three dark and comic tales exploring what it means to be human. Two actors play six characters in this re-imagining of Kafka’s original masterpieces.

Tale 1: ‘An Interview for the Academy’. 
Meet Rotpeter - half-ape, half-man, and so much more than both - as he is interviewed to join the mysterious Academy.

Tale 2: ‘The Work’. 
Mole dreams of finishing his back-breaking work. Mouse dreams of being admired by millions. Can both their dreams ever come true?

Tale 3: ‘Selling the Hunger Artist’. 
The Hunger Artist has come to the end of an illustrious career. What job can the Agent find next for someone who has gone to the point of starvation for public entertainment?

Something Wicked Theatre Company is all about bringing thought-provoking, dynamic theatre to fringe audiences up and down the country. We believe our artists and performers deserve to have a platform from which they can share their creative and innovative works. Our goal is to provide our audiences with an artistic and emotional experience they won’t forget.


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Mon 18th July, 2.30pm

Tue 19th July, 1pm

Wed 20th July, 2.30pm

Thu 21st July, 1pm

Sat 23rd July, 4pm

Run time: 45 minutes