Bessie At Midnight, Alone

from Blue Masque Theatre

Bessie is a harlot, waiting outdoors for a late client. This richly-written new play jumps around the centuries, not fixed in time or space. Blue Masque Theatre (nominated for Edinburgh Fringe / GM Fringe awards) returns to Buxton with another gem, packed with tense drama and fiery Northern wit. Play by Derek Martin, directed by Rhonwen McCormack.

Previous Blue Masque Theatre reviews:

"Strife In A Northern Town" (with Capricious Rose Productions) - "This lively comedy is a very enjoyable show with some clever direction by Rhonwen McCormack. So many character changes is exhausting, so be prepared, but they were skilfully done and the essence of mayhem ensued." (Buxton Fringe Festival reviewer.)

"It Can't Happen Here" - "Enthralling from the first moment to the last." (North West End.)

Previous reviews for the director:

"The Christian Brothers" - "Director Rhonwen McCormack has approached writer Ron Blair's accomplished play with great sympathy and understanding, and the results show in every aspect of this unnerving production." (What's On In London.)

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Mon 18th July, 3.45pm

Tue 19th July, 2.15pm

Wed 20th July, 8.30pm

Thu 21st July, 2.15pm

Run time: 75 minutes