Beast In The Jungle

from Despite the Monkey

Despite The Monkey returns to Buxton Fringe with their all new theatrical experience featuring the trademark sound technology which won the John Beecher Prize at Buxton Fringe 2019.  

“From as far back as I am capable of remembering, my life has been haunted by an unfathomable expectation.”

John Marcher knows he is destined for something incredible. 


May Bartram agrees to watch.


Forever entangled, their lives echo through time… but the Beast is never far away.


'Beast in the Jungle' concerns a neurotic egoist, obsessed with the lurking feeling that something incredible is about to happen. But this impending fate has a predatory quality and stalks its prey like “a crouching beast in the jungle”. 

This exciting production recontextualises the narrative for a new generation by combining mindblowing 3D sound and theatre.